Alex Bussani
Alex Bussani
Content Writer and Business Analyst

Creator, Writer, IT Problem Solver.

IT Project Management — Business & Operations Analysis — Process Improvement




Hey, I’m Alex.

I’m an analyst, writer, and an independent thinker above all else.



User Experience (UX) Writing

Every modern product needs a voice that speaks to its users. It can reflect personality and encapsulate them. Sharp UX writing makes a good interface great.


Copywriting & Content Writing

In the information age, only the most succinct messages get paid any real attention. I craft direct material with simplicity and readability in mind.


Digital Marketing & Social Media

Your audience gets inundated by noisy competitors who prioritize quantity above all else. With strategic customer targeting and data-based strategies, less can be more.


Business & Operations Analysis

With experience as a BA in both technical and non-technical realms, I excel at being the liaison between those of varying technical and business competencies.


About Me


I’m a naturally curious, analytical, and independent thinker with a real passion for technology. I’m also well-versed in current events, sports, and love a good conversation. Myers-Briggs type is ENTP.

Life Mindset

There’s no way to avoid the growing pains that are inevitable in life — but there’s every opportunity to embrace those difficult times, and come out of each situation a little bit stronger and ready for the next.


James Clear, David Goggins, Grant Cardone, Robert Herjavec, Ben Settle, and Andy Frisella — to name a few.


Let’s Work Together

I’m always interested in meeting new people, exchanging new ideas, and working on new projects. Even if you just have a random, crazy idea, that’s fine too!

I can be reached anytime via Email or Google Voice —

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